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Reviews for "A Winters Day Monologue DEMO"

I love this song

This is by far the best song you have ever done, You should try to get yourself a record deal if you dont have one already since you are easyily one of the best artists on newgrounds :)


I really love your music, it makes me think about Panic! at the disco in a positive way!


First off, Whoever sung the vocals has a amazing voice, and The background music was played perfectly.

Another one on my Ipod

This is really a great piece of music. I loved the chourus

Another Good One.

This one sort of reminded me of something done by Hawthorne Heights, Probably why i liked it alot.

I downloaded this one aswell...Like most of you're other one's...

I liked the lyrics used on this one, Could definatly hear them well and they fitted well with the beat of the backing music.

Good luck with you're future songs and stuff...