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Reviews for "A Winters Day Monologue DEMO"


Musicals are my thing. I am afraid that the lyrics kind of ruin it for me. Though the lyrics themselves are pretty good. Except for the guy sort of yelling in the background.

I also REALLY love the playing, though. Great gutairwork (the drums are good, but not as noticeable like the awesomeness they had in This Way)

Try a musical of it.i like the area around 2:25. Really, take out the guy yelling falling faster, it just makes the song completely die.

Nice work, guys.


OH NOE it sounds just like FOB, and i HATE them, sorry, but i really dont like the singing on this song. it gets good on the soft part, though. i kinda like yer other ones better :\


This song was apsolutley brilliant to sum up quickly.
What was so great was the way the vocals and instruments megred so well, extremely profesional for a song on the AP, I enjoy listening to all your bands songs although it is something I normaly wouldnt be into as I prefer heavier music.
I liked the way that the guitar volume droped at the last quartile of this song then the drums built up, and up, and up untill the vocals with the great lyrics kicked in .
Very nice layering with the drums, vocals and guitar (good riff through out) and it flowed very smoothly. Nice progression and there were very obvious stages to this song wich really added to it, all in all a very nice - profesional sounding song that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. So keep up the great work.

Kind regards -

very nice

i agree with cdogg33. This isn't punk . However, I still find this song to be very good. Pop-punk is another great genre.

FRKN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG THIS IS TEH COOLNESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 1111!!!!!!!!!!!