Reviews for "Random Fun"


i came buckets to this :LD

Laugh with power!

It's like Animator vs. Animation, but you beat your own character in a very funny way!

Angz responds:

lol yeah i sort of based it a little on animator vs animation in the beginning but i thought people wouldnt like the fact its already been done so i twisted it a bit, thanks alot for your review :D


keep at it!


I personally like stick figure animations and i liked this one! Especially the Help! sign, reminded me of Wylie Coyote! More!

Angz responds:

lol thanks man. yeah the sign was inspired lol. it was going to be 'Yipes!' or something but i didnt think some people will get it so i just stuck with help lol.
and if you say more! as in u want more then u'll probably get more, we'll see


It was a bit short, but the animation was good, and at least it has sound.

Just try for a bit longer next time.

Angz responds:

yeah i know i was going to add more but i didnt want to make it drag out.. there might be another one coming from me some time soon but i dont know.
thanks for the review!
oh and yeah it took me forever to find the right sound effects!