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Reviews for "Monster Master"


If you want a non-monster card work, you need to double-click it, not only click it.

Anyways, this game goes on my favs.

Realy nice card game :D

Its realy awesome considering the fact that its a flash game :D
i liked the combination monsters a lot ^_^ death knight ftw :)

Eek Gads!

You put so much work into this. I'm very impressed by the quality of this submission.

Please keep up the good work, I would love to see a Monster Master 2 or something along those lines.

5/5 definitely


i have call dragon rider and i activate fire sword he 16atk+sword 18atk and i atk his hydra and poff instant kill 14-4 and his hydra loose and i activate my charge and direct and charge again direct kabooom -1000

good game

I discovered two fusion
dragon + knight
reaper + cerberus