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Reviews for "Monster Master"

Fun and easy to Understand

This was fun. i like this game because its very simple. you need to make a online version

good game but

lacking, add more cards, maybe have a tournament mode, and things like that and i think it will be a top 50 easily

my fav dude

this is sweetness and the guy that wrote before me is a loser

This is better than Yu Gi Oh! !

Plus it's free! Great & easy game!

great game!

I agree that the combat system has a bit of a bug with the random rolls. Anyway, here's a deck almost guaranteed to win against anything:

(Strength 2710)
3x Ninja, Minotaur
2x Hydra, Drake, Robot, Golem, Ape, Ogre

3x Gift, Doom, Summon, Psych
2x Reborn, Beckon, Forget, Black Hole,
1x fsword, ishield

Beats 2500 AI almost guaranteed. Not a lot of strategy, just plain beatdown.

Great job anyway. Online play would be all but a dream,
but only if...