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Reviews for "Monster Master"

Bigger veriety

This is pretty nice except, try putting on music and/or sound. Also having like 200 different cards :). maybe, when when the monsters attack, it shows a little arena, and the monsters attacking. that would be sweet.

Pretty Good

It was missing some music, and more cards...
I did not liked the random attack/defense when attacking...
anyway...good game ;)

High potential, needs improvements

This game really kept me playing for half an hour before i noticed that it was quite silent around me. Music and/or SFX really should be added, but on the other hand, this game is quite original and deserves a good rating. I'm really looking forward to a new version with Sound and more Cards!


i voted nicely because its ur first game but THE WHOLE CONCEPT IS STOLEN FROM YUGIOH! i wil vote 3 if u didnt stole the concept from yuhioh i would have voted 5 wel too bad succes with ut next game pal dont think im all negative

My review

Nothing really original but it's fun, though, as of the time I post this, I can't figure out how to combine monsters.

P.S. Artcraze, it's because hes a programmer not an artist, so they just seem outdated (as you would define it)

P.S.S. Don't you just hate how you always have to click the "I have read and understood the guidelines for posting reviews to Newgrounds" checkbox D:<