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Reviews for "Monster Master"

A nice card game.

I enjoyed the game very much however the graphics were not that outstanding. Also the monster were drawn ok but the characters u could chose looked rather silly and childish.

The giant lack, was the lack of music. Of course with these kind of games i can turn on my own music if I want but some times the game maker has better taste to bring more atmoshpere into the game.

Back in the Old Days

I just read the last review someone gave you, and I hated it. I think the game can get more exciting as you play it because you can make custom decks and change the strange of your opponents deck. It's also pretty sweet playing against another player.

I used to play those pokemon card games all the time. But since I haven't done that in a while this game felt kind of new to me.

I love everything about this game, except for the lack of music. It does have to be sound effects, just a nice beat that you can listen to while playing. Anywho, thanks for bringing back some nice memories.

I'm addicted!

This is an awesome game! yes I admit it's quite similar to Yu-Gi-Oh, but I like Yu-Gi-Oh, so it's all good. A pretty great game overall.

I do have some suggestions tho:

1. Make a sequeal, or least an update.

2. Some more monster cards. I felt the moster area was a little too limited, branch out to more realistic species, mythical creatures and sub-human characters.

3. More 'Combine' friendly characters and cards. That was one of my favourite parts of this game. I based my deck around the 4 combinations. Add more characters that would support this feature, as well as more to go with currents cards and the current Combine friendly cards. (i.e. Add a bat character to combine with your already used Vampire to make a Vampire Bat etc) Just use your imagination, I enjoyed you "Ninja Rat" quite funny. Unfortunately, I was only able to summon the Dragon Rider and Nija Rat "super mosters," as you called them, during game situations but I would love to see more.

3. Sounds and music feature. A bit quiet, add some bg music and some attack and defence sounds possibly. I would love some battle cries, that'd be awesome.

4. Field Cards. Maybe add this feature to help out characters that are of the same type. A 'Sky' field card helps out flying characters such as the Dragon, and a 'Dark' would help the Vampire and Cerberus.

5. Type Decks. Suggested by others, but supported by me :) I personally liked to choose my decks, but this feature benefits beginners and those lazy people.

6. Online multiplayer. A LONG stretch I admit, but a great feature if you could somehow work it out. A ranking system and everything, it'd be fun!

That is all I can think of right now. Don't take me the wrong way though. I LOVED this game, perfect in it's simplicty too. Take my advice as CONTRUCTIVE critisism, if you plan on expanding this series, keep them in mind ;) I hope you do, I would hate to see this great idea die.

I'm adding this to my favourite submissions, congrats! And I'm voting 5/5!

cool game

i liked it although im not a fan of such games. the monsters looked good but didnt like the rest of the graphics. gameplaywise it was good.

A flash Card Game

A fun somewhat addicting game