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Reviews for "Monster Master"

Maybe my #1 flash game ever

This really does need a sequel one day.


This is from a tv show that has the same concept but has been re-newed into 5d yugioh but oreginals are better.

used to play this game a lot as a kid, trying to come up with different decks

It was great!!!

First, I voted 0 on sound because my speakers wern't working. Anyway I liked much of the idea, and how you designed things. The idiot before me complsined about when the monsters fought, what he didn't think about was the fact the higher attack levels meant a better chance of dealing more damage! Your game was a little confusing at first, but then I really started to like it! Now this game was great, but i have an idea for a sequal to this game! Try making a second one with two ways to play. First you can play like how you play in this game, but in the sequal you should be able to chose to playing it like a adventure, and yes I am a RPG GEEK!!! :)
Another thing is that I think you could get even more credit if you make it so you can customize the player. Well, I think I have more things to talk to you about this game and on things to inclide and improve in the sequal. Just message me on Newgrounds okdokey :)


You should make another one with more monsters and maybe some sound would cool too.