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Reviews for "Monster Master"


I didn't like the obvious preference for the computer when "rolling", say what you like but the rolls were very much in favor for the computer. I used a custom deck with killer strategies, didn't matter... The computer always had the right card at the right time and my 10 attack dragon couldn't take out a 2 defense skeleton. That's just BS. Make the game fair, then release it.

Good but could have been great.

Ohh man.

I really enjoyed this... I think a version 2 could be a chart topper though..Let me break down my thoughts for ya.

Graphics --- Nicely done, good pictures and everything. Maybe spend a bit more time on the generic card border though as it makes up a lot of the visual aspect of the game.

More playing fields would be good. The backgrounds were a bit drab.

Characters need some work. Icon's isn't enough. You should have default characters then give them clothing to choose from to give them battle bonuses like increased health or starting cards etc.

Other than that my only other suggestion would be a more visually dynamic monster v monster sequence. After 2 or 3 games it got very dull.

Style --- As I started saying about the characters your main issue which is stopping this from being awesome is a story line type development. Add like 200% more cards + a few unlockable cards you could get after a certain battle and this game has already leaped to new heights.

Call the guy and adept wizard. Blow through a kingdom in peril. Paint a picture of a dark wizard causing trouble and I'm on board.

Sound --- No sound!?!?!?! What were you thinking? Jesus. To put that much time into something and then just not bother with sound was a strange move indeed. Version 2 needs sound.

Violence --- Silly category but there wasn't any violence or brutality really. As I said earlier perhaps increase the dynamicness of the monster v monster sequence.

Maybe have degrading character states as the player or his opponent take damage.

Interactivity --- Simple Intuitive design and deck building. Great job here. Lots to do plenty of decisions to make and all clearly presented. As complexity increases you may want to make sure you don't lose your playability factor.

Humour --- A few silly characters and monsters in there but ultimately a bit dull.

OVerallllll---------Really nice game. With more planning and development though it could be amazing!

quite a bit of fun

there have been quite a few card games on he portal, but i think this one is the best put together. The last guy dosen't really know what he is talking about- a card game is a card game. There may be some elements in this that make it similar to yughio but i am sure if you broke it down you could find all of the other card games that yughio stole from. afterall it was only thrown into the show as an afterthought to make more money from stupid kids.


i voted nicely because its ur first game but THE WHOLE CONCEPT IS STOLEN FROM YUGIOH! i wil vote 3 if u didnt stole the concept from yuhioh i would have voted 5 wel too bad succes with ut next game pal dont think im all negative

It was great!!!

First, I voted 0 on sound because my speakers wern't working. Anyway I liked much of the idea, and how you designed things. The idiot before me complsined about when the monsters fought, what he didn't think about was the fact the higher attack levels meant a better chance of dealing more damage! Your game was a little confusing at first, but then I really started to like it! Now this game was great, but i have an idea for a sequal to this game! Try making a second one with two ways to play. First you can play like how you play in this game, but in the sequal you should be able to chose to playing it like a adventure, and yes I am a RPG GEEK!!! :)
Another thing is that I think you could get even more credit if you make it so you can customize the player. Well, I think I have more things to talk to you about this game and on things to inclide and improve in the sequal. Just message me on Newgrounds okdokey :)