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Reviews for "Monster Master"

cool but need a bit of improvment

it needs more cards som music lots of other things but it was fun

I couldn't get enough of this!!

I found myself playing this for hours trying to get the ninja rat, dragon rider and death rider all on the board and all pumped up, When I finally succeeded the game was rather boring. If you added more combineable combinations, more monsters than specials, I think it would be far more interesting. Good Job though 8/10!

Fun but a bit too easy.

Verry very fun game, and this is coming from a guy who hates carrd games! It was a bit too easy, though. I have no idea why some people have trouble with this game! If you add a bit more challenge to this, I would play this day and night. Also, definately add some sound!


that was a good fun game,but the ai seemed to cheat,I found it hard to win when I had strongest deck and the ai had the weakest.
there was a cheeky bastard who said people like me didnt know how to use our decks.whats to know?you just use your best cards at the right time,I bet you are justt as un lucky as the rest of us,just proud cuz you won one match I bet,you sound like one of those yu gi oh nerds so fuck you.
add multiplayer online with rankings and itd be awesome,itd get cheated just like all flash games with rankings get cheated but Id definetly give it a 10 then.

good game but can be improved

its a realy nice game but would need imporvement.Well first of all more cards would be good and a storyline too , more characters would be welcome or a custommizable character would be cool .And for the ppl who sayd that the game is too ahrd cuz they had strongest deck and lost against the weakest computer deck was because they didnt know to use theire deck lolz . It would also need some sounds like battle sounds when the monsters are fighting and music .
Its a awesome game but needs improvement.
Wouls be cool for u 2 make a 2th version