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Reviews for "Monster Master"

This game is absolutely unfair in your opponents favor. Luckily you added deck strenght and edit's, but damn! This is hard!

A great game, i play this game with my friends sometimes.
------------------------1: More cards. 2: Remove the randomness in battles. 3: A level system/level up to unlock more cards. 4:Maybe add a story.

Dont understand how the fighting thing works.... No matter how much i buff up one of my monster way higher than another monster say 15 atk 8def vs 5atk 6def i can still get damage of 4 points from the enemy when i was the one attacking...... and i notice that when my vs number is higher than the offense they will get damaged instead, well when the comp attacked me 3vs0 the comp didnt take any damage........ and when i got 0vs4 i got damaged...... I really cant understand the battle system.... kinda frustrating....
It could also use more monsters cards, or some adventures to it, but for a simple free card game its okay

So this was kinda differant

I must say this was kind of differant, it was interesting and these types of games are pretty interesting and have a certain "UNIQUE-NESS" to them at the sametime this could have used more effort and more design on the cards, the graphics was ok but could have been better, This game seemed hard though, just gets confusing for people as theres so much to learn, maybe as a flash version you can make it easier somehow. I do like the variaty in this but the graphics suffered from that so maybe the graphicd can be worked on, but anyways this was ok just needs some work.

So to start off, Graphics could be worked on, needs more design and detail to them and since there was alot there would need to be that much more effort. Try and

This was good of its kind, but not something I would recommend to people who aren't fans of card games. I guess anything with monsters is going to be compared to "Yu-Gi-Oh" nowadays. It's just that these games are so complicated, I wouldn't get used to them only if I saw them being used a lot before. Also, was it just me, or did this not have any audio? A good song is always going to make something better. I also didn't like the graphics.

Granted, the graphics could have been not so good because there were so many cards to make. At least you provided us with something that might appeal to card game fans. It could use more detail. I'm not saying that things need to be flashy in order to be good, they just to be better detailed. I hope you can take my advice on improvement, but most people like this anyway.