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Reviews for "Monster Master"

its great but

too easy!! but i thind you should expand so much mor!! make more mixable monsters and stuff

cool game

i liked it although im not a fan of such games. the monsters looked good but didnt like the rest of the graphics. gameplaywise it was good.

Fun old school card game

Reminds me of being a kid again and playing Magic for the first time. Good and idea and it plays well.

So Freaking Awesome

So... that was awesome. I've spent hours and hours playing this since I discovered it a week ago. I was a big Magic: The Gathering fan back in junior high, and this brings back tons of fun memories. Being able to customize a deck from a generic set and play against a computer opponent who never has to go home or gets sick of playing because he's losing so much is all I ever wanted out of life.

I must admit that the random rolls of dice can be obnoxious... there's something fundamentally frustrating about that element of chance in every battle, as opposed to standard CCGs.

So: when do we get expansion decks? I want more cards, more deck strategies... I want to have to earn credits to buy the best cards, I want to be able to play other people online! My appetite's only been whetted.

Yu-Gi-Oh & Magic... LOOKOUT! ^^

I really enjoyed this.

Looks like someone’s a Magic: The Gathering/Magic Online and/or Yu-Gi-Oh fanatic. *Smile*

The A.I. isn’t half bad maxed out (at 2500 Deck Strength).

Although the generic, the monsters/characters in the game are pretty cool. I had fun reading through what you created. I especially dig the Ninja and Hydra/Cerberus.

It’s cool that you can customize your own deck, and rather have a feeling of ambivalence (both love and hate) the “Battle System.” One game, my Ninja killed 4 attacking monsters that were severely more powerful than him including the Ogre AND the Dragon. On the flipside, I lost BOTH my Hydras to a single SKELETON because they beat themselves to death against him because he “defended” so well (got the random roll) 4 times in a row. Nevertheless, the “Random Roll” for the “Battle System” is certainly what makes this card game unique from other TCGs.

One cool feature would be if there was online capabilities, so 2 people could play each other anywhere (like virtual pool on Yahoo! ^^) If it was available (and the game continued to be free of charge), you could possibly build a fanbase and in the long run—become competition for Magic Online. lol

Seriously though,

Good work, and keep up the awesome work!

-Tiger M

P.S. I am thoroughly impressed with “Crazymonkeygames.” Someone(s) take a LOT of time creating/collecting cool games. So far, I’ve only played to (Monster Master & Endless Zombie Rampage), and I haven’t found a single game so far that I dislike. Good job Crazymonkey! You may become a “Media Monster” yet! ^^