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Reviews for "Monster Master"

This gmae is awesome

I havent left a review i playyed this gmae when it was first on newgrounds i dontn think it ever ended up front page though so wtf its awesome well nice work and youve got to mkae a sequal with like more cards and online play would be cool maybe even put like a story mode where you battel for money and buy cards with it

Nice card game

Good card game and nice concept. I like the turn system (and how you can have mutiple monsters in battle) and spell cards. The artwork is nice too. I thought that the attack system was heavily based on luck though. Maybe the monsters could have an energy reserve and monster-specific attacks, where it costs energy to use attacks and so much energy replenishes per turn. Custom-decks are great, net play would be a great feature for the future.


This game sits proudly on the throne of my 8 favorite games for a long time now... NG is still to come up with a game that can beat this one...


I think you need to make customizable characters, and a story. Also, you could have a save feature for the decks.

This is better than Yu Gi Oh! !

Plus it's free! Great & easy game!