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Reviews for "Monster Master"


i love this game so much ive been playing for 2 hours strait!
maybe a story mode would be nice, And more cards are defenetly needed.
So make a sequel, my friend. Thats the best advice i can give you.

Quite addictive

simple drawings and gameplay compared to other games. Easy to play, I Like IT!


Love This Game


Hey Maybe You Could Make New Cards/Magic Like Monster Master 2 XD That Would Be Cool If U Made a Story Mode Then u Can Start Off With A Starter Deck And Win Battles And Get Money From That And Buy Cards And Stuff That Would Be Cool! :D nice job


already faved


The game isn't as good as Magic - the Gathering. But to chide it for that fact would be like chiding any other game for not being as good as Mario 64 - comparing it to the best CCG in existence seems hardly fair.

Still, some sort of resource system (like lands in Magic or energy in Pokemon) would have made deck-building more strategic whilst increasing interesting in-game decisions. Also, some method of pushing us to use groups of cards (5 colours or energy types in Pokemon) would have given the game a bit more variety.

You didn't really do anything that couldn't have been done with paper, but the number of tokens and dice-rolling necessary would make a 'real' version of this game unplayable.

I felt the game was a bit lacking in interaction - it'd have been nice to be able to do things during your opponent's turn. I liked the emphasis on swords, poison and effects - maybe push that a bit more?

Either make the points mean something more - maybe having a story-mode with points limitations in certain matches - or get rid of cards that are better than others in every way.

I'm not sure how I feel about all the dice-rolling. CCGs always have some luck thanks to shuffling and drawing, but here it felt a bit excessive.

Graphics could be improved.

Maybe have more cards or rules - like the 'necromancy' and 'combining' cards that encourages us to play certain groups of cards.

The necromancy card seems way too swingy though - the fewer you let us have in our deck, the more luck-dependent it becomes.

Really, I've not seen any other CCG 'emulators' in flash and so seriously commend you for this. However, a few rule-changes making it less luck-dependent would help it be closer to the strategic game it seems to want to be.

And a story mode would totally rock.

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