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Reviews for "Orc Tavern"


This one just looks so polished and the background suits the drawing.
May I have somethin' else than a drink...? ^3^


Rennis5 responds:

You know what they say
"once you go Orc, it's last thing you ever pork"

I really enjoyed making this one, I used a tavern from Skyrim as a reference for the background.
Thank you sooo much.

hottest orc i've ever seen :P

Rennis5 responds:

Yeah she's pretty... orcsome!

I am speechless. It has great shading, you got the proportions right and it has a unique style and feel to it. You sir, are worthy of getting 5 stars.
Well done.

Rennis5 responds:

Thank you so much, now I'm so speechless I can't even torc.

lol I wanna go

Rennis5 responds:

You wana go.... Bersork!!

she is cute, glad you made the Female orcs beautiful.

Rennis5 responds:

Thank you :D