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Reviews for "sam "slaughtersand" cargo!"


N.I.C.E!!! I like it!!!

N - Nice
I - Incredible
C - Cool
E - E... Just E!
5/5 10/10

jouste responds:

haha awesome!

thanks for such a high score and another acronym review! i'll need to pick up the pace if i want "E" to stand for anything i suppose! ;D


dude keep it reall!

you are so good what are you doing ?

how dare you be so amazinggggg with an extras ingggg sir

jouste responds:

haha yes!

love the extra ingggg! i'll put it up on my fridge!

thanks for the high reviews pal, you've stopped too comment on a lot of my stuff, much appreciated.

haha cool haha

haha when i saw this i must laugh but its a cool picture with his little pet it is a cool picture its worth a 10 because its awesome and make me laugh

jouste responds:


i love it when i can make people laugh with my drawings, you made my day! thanks for such a high score!

Still loving your art!

great davy jonse-esque character do you use auto desk sketchbook?

jouste responds:

you bet man that's where i build my lines. i color in PS though.


YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!

jouste responds:


thanks for the high score!