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Reviews for "Tam Tower Challenge"


This game is complete randomness. Really not fun at all too.

Small Change Needed

The first two time I played i hit a floor that had either:

Card 1: -100% / Card 2: Game Over


Card 1: -75% / Card 2: -100%

In both cases I was screwed no matter which one I picked. I would at least like to know that I have at least a 50% chance going into any floor not to get screwed. But playing it twice and have 100% chance of getting screwed both time took the fun out.

so annoying, so addictive!!

as io sed just. this game gets on your nervs becuse the whole game is intierly down to luck, even though some people would argue that it wasnt because of the lobby etc. but i dont care if its annoying, i could play this untill i hit the 200 million mark, and i tell you now i wont stop!. this game is pure genius and its soo simple!! great game!

-100% WTF

oh man doing so good untill 11th floor what a bugger anyways great game, its a good game, a decent game nothing wrong with it too much, its good , oh yh i gave the 1 for violence because i was listening t oa particulary violent song as i was playing the game.


I love this game and thus i gave you a 5 on one condition please remove the cheaters from the highscore list!

p.s. this games awesome although im severely unlucky at it i mean gameover first card!!!!

come on!!!!

p.p.s. all my fiven are belong to this