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Reviews for "Another Sequel"

No words can say...

This is very creative dude. It was a great idea and HELLA funny. I hope to see more work like this.


In agreement with you on most points of your flash. Holly wood is trying less and less to present the audience with actual films. Instead their just buying up all the pre-fabricated ideas, pumping them with cgi, and milking it till the cash flow runs out. Rinse&Repeat.

Overall, a solid flash with a structured concept and a sense of humor.

Some people thought it was preeettty cool.

It wasn't bad at all - valid observation of Hollywood today but man it was basically the exact opinion of pretty much every review of these films. Still, you aren't exactly making this your life's work and it's a lot better than the rest of the shit on this site.

squeakytoad responds:

Yep. True. Message is nothing new.
But hey, it only costs me a few hours a work, and provided some nice giggles for the viewers.
I didn't make any money off of it, and nobody had to pay to see it. And it only takes up a minute of your day. I didn't deprive anyone of any major awards or anything. It was also clean, so anyone, even the kids, can enjoy it, which is something I try to keep in all my movies.
Glad you liked it for what it was anyway.


I found it pretty funny, I loved the part where spidey stole the wand and broke it. keep up the good work!

ahaha wow!

I loved it! I wasn't expecting something so good. This is beyond "decent." Only a couple hours of work? It's not the lengthy type of an animation but it does prove a point.

There are way too many sequels coming this summer.
"Spiderman 3 - Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - Fantastic Four II - Shrek 3 - Saw IIII (October))

There's too many :(
I think it's time for the to be creative and have a unique idea for once. I heard they are remaking the original "Halloween." How crazy is that? Another..remake. -_-

Well anyways, your graphics were phenomenal. I really like your style, I'm going to check out more of your work.

You're quite the talented type. Good job on this. :) Can't wait for another..sequel. :D

squeakytoad responds:

I change style depending on what kind of movie I'm doing. I used this one because it looks nice for the simple animation I'm doing here, and the colors work well when you're having this wide a range.

I liked doing this though (especially Harry Potter- the exaggerated proportions were fun to work with), so I'm probably going to do another in this type.

Glad you liked it, and thanks for a good review. :)