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Reviews for "Another Sequel"


* Starts laughing and pounding desk unable to stop laughing * He broke harry potter's wand!... Thats the way to put him in his place! LMAO!


Funny stuff.

Sorry it took so long for me to review this! It was funny I thought though a bit short. I'm sure the affect was achieved in your eyes. For us all to enjoy it right??! Cutie. Muuah. ;)

squeakytoad responds:

For your enjoyment and mine; had a lot of fun making this one (short break from some longer and harder projectst).
Glad you're still watching my stuff. :)

just a ton of things people needed to see

i am so glad you posted this there is a lot of fun real life facts that are in this

Ps need to UPDATE SITE!!!

PPS you finally saw umm... Saw yay :)

squeakytoad responds:

Ha, yeah, that site is in desperate need of work. I'm such a lousy procrastinator.


Yeah, sequels are definetely taking over this summer, but you can't blame hollywood, its the masses who damn near beg and scream for sequel upon sequels (hopefully at least half of them will be worth seeing; Bourne Supremacy ftw!)

Anyways... loved the part where Harry was casting the long winded spell and Spidey just took away his wand before he could cast it. Brilliant timing.


hahahaha nice one ...