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Reviews for "She's my Sister - Train Parody"


it killed me! Very funny and disturbing at the same time. I need you to write lyrics for my piano stuff and sing !

RLFHOG3 responds:

Haha, that would be awesome!


All I can say is this is epic. So amazing and an improvement on Mosquitoes (which I didn't even think was possible)

hahaha Too Good!

One of the silliest and funny parodies i have heard in awhile. The lyrics are good, and the end is a nice little twist. Also, you have a very nice voice! I was extremely impressed! Keep up the awesome work!

Review: 9
Vote: 5
Total: 14/15

RLFHOG3 responds:

Thanks a bunch. You don't know how many times i recorded the vocals to get them pristine.

Damn funny man

Hehe, my first thought were "meh, whatever" then i kept listening, and i thought it were hilarious, well done

5 Vote

RLFHOG3 responds:

Thanks man. Penguin Colony likes to work like that: Make it seem like a normal song, then blow you away. Thanks for listening.


The crazy voices at 1:50 cracked me up. anywayz good 1!