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Reviews for "Turkey Hunter"

Poor Turkeys

Not too good but it was a decent try overall poor turkeys but the game was pretty short so It recieves a over all 5 for being DECENT

That was great!

Very nice, but I found one problem, you have to click twice to shoot :O

Great Game

Nice game, i loved the fact that for part of it you could shot the turkeys and for part of it you had to stab one, keep it up.

YoinK responds:

yea.. there needs to be more games using knives.

a pleasure to play! ^-^

Although I am not american and therefore do not celebrate thanksgiving, I found it hialrious and fun and understood the relevance it would have to an american celebrating the event :)
A common but original concept of game - thios had been done so amny times but you often find the repeated classics are often the best, and they certainly are for me. I loev these simple little shoot-em-up hunters and the whole theme is really cite and genuinly fun to play, and the stabbing the turkey bit at the end was a ncie touch.
A fun hunting game, well done :)

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YoinK responds:

turkey is tasty, you should eat one sometime.


nice game. i can't believe i've missed this one after being on NG for almost 2 years.