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Reviews for "Turkey Hunter"

That was cruel and sadistic.

I had no fun playing this game.

pointless and dumb

i had absolutely no fun playing this game, you need to have better sound reaction and faster reaction with the shooting. you might want to make the graphics a little more, well, graphic. the blood spatter was a little dull and un-enjoyable. the last part should have more meaning. maybe a scene of a family spitting out bb's at the end may have made it worth it.

you may need to be able to shoot?

yea, needs quicker shooting time

A little more time

and work would have made it a little better. The sounds were a little off. I kept trying to shoot a turkey and it wouldnt die..even though it was just standing there waiting for it! hehe..
Nice try though. Ill give an average score. Next year start your turkey game around Halloween so you have a longer time frame to work out bugs!

I'm sorry, but this is just poorly done.

It's a very basic shooter game, with terrible control, and bad graphics. Also, that techno beat really bored into my skull. Even so, it's a decent effort, and it's sort of a cute Thanksgiving game, so in the spirit of the holiday, I can give you a decent score. Happy Thanksgiving.