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Reviews for "Virus Alert - "Weird Al""

No offense

but i didnt really like it...at all. it was pointless, not very well coordinated and i didnt understand a bit of it.


This was a great flash. I loved every minute of it and when I saw the reference to Spatula City from UHF I almost died laughing! Keep up the good work! (Can't wait for more RAB)

one of my favorites

(this is a review for the music vid) very good video, the graphics were good, and the song and what u used for it was awesome (i like how u used retarded animal babies, good idea) there really wasnt any violence (and for videos ofcourse theres no interactivity). i love wierd al and all his songs and u did an excellent job with this video


I love weird al songs, and this is one of my favorites. (the interactivity score is for the game, btw.) one thing though. Judging by the animation, i think misheard the lyrics for the shower part. you animated it like it was HOGGING the shower, but i'm pretty sure it's CLOGGING. because no other symptom actually involved a physical being. wow. i'm such a nerd. but anyway, great video, great game.

Nice work

A nice flash video for a Weird Al song.