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Reviews for "(CHS) Zelda: The Last Sheikan"

i would rather not...

but its just so awesome, i have to write a review.
i dunno what it is, but for some reason, i get the sense of a hidden battle. theres just this feel of struggle, in the beginning it sounds as if the battle is between their expectations of themself, and what they can actually do. at the end however, it sounds more like the classic struggle with theirself. i can hear the want to do good things in the high instrument, but its kind of undermined by the lower/softer voice( i cant tell which one it is).
5/5 10/10

ChaosDragon004 responds:

I love your thoughts, you always give me feedback that points out flaws that I can fix and use in my newer songs. You are a good resource and friend to have when making my music. Thanks again X.

I will take what you said and learn from it.

Awesome song!

And a note to both you and Aaroca, it's not Sheikan, it's not Sheikai, it's SHEIKAH. Might as well get your facts straight.
The song overall is awesome, and I'm not exactly sure what to say other than that, so I'll leave you with the score.

5/5 10/10 Fav Download
ll 4 = Instant Awesome

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Thanks man I'll be sure to note that for the future. Im glad you liked the song.

Ummm...nice story?

The song is indeed impressive, but the story is actually a bit questionable, as well as misleading. You see, I've played each and every one of the console Zelda games, and therefore have extended knowledge of the gerudo clan. I found you made the wrong assumption of thinking that part of the clan was made up of men, but in truth the entire race is made up of WOMEN. Ganondorf and the men before them are an extremely rare part of the race, so how could Shiek call a gerudo man if there's only one EVERY CENTURY?
Next, I have to state that the origins of Shiek are rather explanatory. We already both know that Shiek was Zelda's guise for the 7 years of darkness, however that name Shiek would never be used by the former clan she based herself on due to the fact they're called the SHIEKA. Shiek was just a hastily made name, a rather poor choice on the princess's account because I doubt that a member of the clan would be specifically named the same name as its own clan.
Finally, that war. Nobody knows what happened to the Shieka, so it's fair to make some fanfic, but framing the gerudos for the act seems a bit much; they're theives, not murderers. Especially not overthrowers. If anything, the alliance with the Shieka would've allowed them more men to get their children.

Love your songs, adore Saria's Wish, but this story just has too many plotholes to count. And besides, I'm already making a Shiek fanfic (taking place years after Spirit Tracks).

ChaosDragon004 responds:

I appreciate the breakdown on that. I see that I got some work to do on my story!

Great piece, but that one note that sounds like someone's hitting an anvil in the background just doesn't cut it. Everything else is amazing though.