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Reviews for "(CHS) Zelda: The Last Sheikan"

Great piece, but that one note that sounds like someone's hitting an anvil in the background just doesn't cut it. Everything else is amazing though.


This is different from what I've been listening to, and it's amazing how you guys can make something just incredible. Keep up the awesome work and merry christmas
merry christmas


This is my favorite of all your Zelda tributes. It has that original flair, and I just adore the rhythmic melodies with the violins. I could listen to this nonstop!

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Thanks bro.

Da Shadow has returned!

Still love this song, and much more like how you changed your description of the song; sorry about banging down on you with my all-knowing facts, I couldn't resist.
Now, the song is surely a well thought out and produced project; your description of it being Sheik's grief and mistrust, as well as depression of knowing what she wields, is exemplefied phenominally in this piece with, what could be thought of as, the Shieka's native percussion instruments. Could've used a harp though...don't you think?

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Yeah, I have a lot of big things coming for TLOZ. They wont be posted just yet though because they are being made for a series that im am working on. So people may not hear them until I finish it. That might be a good while, I want to put it on so bad lol.

Awesome song!

And a note to both you and Aaroca, it's not Sheikan, it's not Sheikai, it's SHEIKAH. Might as well get your facts straight.
The song overall is awesome, and I'm not exactly sure what to say other than that, so I'll leave you with the score.

5/5 10/10 Fav Download
ll 4 = Instant Awesome

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Thanks man I'll be sure to note that for the future. Im glad you liked the song.