Reviews for "(2007)Funky Chicken"


im doin teh funky chicken


whre you doing the funky chiken?
yes i do believe i was!
ok your comeing with me! your comeing with me! your getting the death penalty!

laughed my nuts off!

Got a few laughs

I thought this was a pretty silly clay animation. Some of the random things that the two guys said that were completely irrelevant or just didn't make any sense made me laugh a bit. The animation was pretty simple but very smooth. But I think you should make your clay models less crude. I like the style of their bodies and I enjoy how they have no facial features. But if you made them wear clothing they were look 3 times as good.

Do The Funky Chicken!

So funny nice job yet again man.
"I had no idea when I woke up this morning that I would be doing the Funky Chicken!"

this movie

that clay man must be in a better place