Reviews for "(2007)Funky Chicken"


Another Funny One

Another great klaymation

I love all your klaymations but this one wasn't as funny as the other ones. Make more!!!

Let me see your funky chicken

What's that you say

another awesome klaymation by Knox

Ooh ch Aah Aah, Ooh ch Aah Aah, Ooh ch Aah Aah, Ooh
One more time now

Not one of my favorites

Usually I love all of your work, but this one seemed a little less than your previous works. Usually I laugh out loud a few times during your Klaymations, but this one only made me smile at a few parts. So it was really good, considering few submissions actually make me even smile, however compared to your standards it didn't quite make the bar. Nonetheless I'm still glad to see something new from you, it always provides me with my dosage of random humour for the month. Thanks for your hard work!

Nice eh!

I liked it (I know I'm not around much but I liked it) it was actually funny and I'm still wondering why did the policeclay arrested the klay dude?