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Reviews for "Speed Slow"

Very otherworldy

makes me feel like i am on a very distant planet and actually you could perceive this song as an organism i mean the very withstanding drum beat in the background would be its heartbeat and its origin and as you continue to add more and instruments to the piece the organism evolves and lives and then eventually as the piece of music slow the organism begins to slow all its life cycles until eventually it dies which isn't a bad thing because as it looks up it sees the lights of the heavens and embraces death like a warm sheet of bliss and pure happiness in its afterlife because it knows that its time on its planet is over ........

i like this

its one of those that is really well composed the way it floats around from the different parts of the song if beautiful i would have liked a little bit more noise if you know what i mean like add another instrument and a bit more on dynamics

name says it all

this is like the best combination of fast and slow beats in one song on newgrounds. i can totally see this as the theme for a dramatic fight between rivals. keep up the good work and i'd love to hear some new songs like this


I really like it but it just seems to build up to nothing at the end, which is a shame, because I really want more at the end, something with a bit more to it perhaps. I do really LOVE the bit where the piano and guitar come in though, that's REALLY nice, well done on that.

Ears are hypnotized....

AWESOME! I would listen to this all day long if I could carry my computer's hard drive and monitor! Love your loop.