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Reviews for "Speed Slow"


the last 2 ppl who commented r dumbasses this is one of the best things i've ever heard

its okay

I have heard better

Could have been better

The song was nice but the beginning was way too slow and repetative.I guess for some people these types of songs are awesome, but i don't like it when the song takes 40 seconds for the actual instruments to start playing.Just a personal opinion though.The song was proffessionally made with good quality.

Very nice

I expected to hear a big 'boom' at the end, but its still a very nice piece.
5/5 9/10


Sorta has that ballad/acid house type of feel...

Lovin the beats (LOL), and the effects...

Can I suggest next time you get a song like this? Add a guitar with some chours, reverb, maybe flanger or phaser?


Have the guitar on there with that, and get an acoustic, and put a rhythm in the backround!!!

Genious, wish I could steal this -.-... I have it all in my head right now >.<

8/10, could use an improvised version