Reviews for "Splash Attack"

Hillarious, but technically incorrect

Eventually they would run out of stamina for using splash and theyd actually start using 'struggle'. and theyd hurt themselves and eachother.
whoever used the most PP up would win :D

Hillarious and to the point that Magickarp sucks.

Very funny. Just shows that Magickarp is one of the most useless Poke'mon ever.

Still entertained

I've been watching for well on ten minutes and I couldn't be more entertained.

Love it.

suprsingly funny

this is really funny the loop does get annoying after a while but it is still pretty funny for a while. i love the voice acting there is just something funny about there voices.

Magicarp Return! I Choose You MAGICARP!

I remember first time got one of those horrible pieces of trash. Very funny. Gary was always the toughest.