Reviews for "Splash Attack"

What is going on here?

How did you... oh... um... I... does it ever stop?!!!...

Please dont ever do that again, my head hurts so much now...


(J/K I think it is great ^_^ Plus 50 exp)


It took me a while to realize that it was randomized. Genius.


As fun as a Metapod battle!

"Use harden!"
"Use your harden!"


This is genius.

It took me a while to realize it was a loop. That almost makes me ashamed. Almost. However, it was the best loop I had ever seen (minus Weebl's musical loops). You really dashed my hopes when Red said "Magikarp! Return!......Go! Magikarp!" But that just made it funnier.

Anyone reading this may question my intelligence, But this was fived and put on my favorites list.

Awesome job, desu!

Hahahahah, that was awesome! It only took me 2 minutes to decide that the entire video was a randomized loop, but I'm glad I kept watching, otherwise I would have missed the call about team rocket AND the attempted hyper beam. Magikarp is awesome!

Anyway, just to see if there WAS an end, i waited until Red (the one that DIDN'T have a ditto) had gone for exactly 384 (6 x 64, because the max pokemon you can carry is 6, and since splash's base pp is 40, the max pp if you use as many pp ups as possible is always 8/5 times the original pp, so 40 x 8/5=64) turns, and it just kept looping so they definitely can't use struggle. Because of Ditto's transform, and the fact that it goes back to ditto after it's recalled, ditto's max use of transform + 5 possible splashes per transform (that part was inaccurate too, but ditto definitely only gets 5 pp of each move of the pokemon it transforms into) would be much higher than Red's max use of splash. (6x16x6, in case you're dying to know how many turns Blue could theoretically last, is 576 turns. The reason both numbers are 6, instead of 1 being 5 because of 5 pp of splash per transform, is because 1 turn has to be used on the transform attack) It was an amazing video that I'm giving a 10, but if it were I making this video, I would have programmed it to, after 320 repetitions of Red's Magikarp's splash attack, have him send out Dragonite (it's 320 repetitions so that I can prove I only had 5 magikarps, and therefore had room for another pokemon) and start using dragon attacks on all of Blue's dittos (assuming the dittos have less base speed than dragonite, it should finish them all off).

Still even without an end, it was brilliantly made. I don't see why so many people are complaining for more variety, because it's much funnier this way.

This reminds me of back in the days of the Monster Brain for Pokemon Silver & Gold, when I would have Magikarp wars with my friends. Except, in THOSE battles, we made all our Magikarps level 1, but gave them 999 in every stat, and gave them varied attacks, such as hyper beam, thunder, psychic, and night shade (heheh, at level 1, night shade would always do exactly 1 damage, so it was fun to have around sometimes. Most of the time we gave ourselves all super-offensive attacks though. The time we gave all our magikarps recover was INSANE, though. That battle lasted hours, because only 2 of each of our Magikarps had any grass or lightning attacks.

In closing, I need to find someone on gamefaqs who hacked their magikarp's stats and gave it hyper beam, and trade for it just to screw with people on WiFi.

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