Reviews for "Splash Attack"

Use a splaaaash attack!

Remember my older bro putting this on 24/7 back then!!! Memories lmaoo

I remember you being annoyed by how popular this was. I can understand. I personally don't think it's one of your best cartoons. Your "Unforgotten Realms" thing was better. It's still a great pokemon satire. I don't know if I ever have seen two Magikarp fight.

Or well, Ditto is used at one point. What would two Ditto fighting be? Wow, that would be even more monotonous. Liked the Team Rocket balls joke. Hopefully one will evolve into Gyarados.

4/5 Needs more magikarp (please don't ban me)
would be cool for magikarp to actually do a attack like in magikarp's app
do that in the remake

Almost exact ten years before Magikarp Jump (AKA in Japan as Splash! Magikarp) where magikarps compete on who splashes better :O