Reviews for "Splash Attack"

i saw this back in 2007 and it makes me laugth avery fucking time..

its funny. when you see fishermen and they only have pitiful spashing fisherman

This is the most intense battle I have ever seen. I have to wonder, how long could I last in this kind of battle.

love this vid! saw it years ago with friends! XD (works in chrome, not windows exploder)

Uhh... Magikarp use Splash! Magikarp hit it with a Splash attack! Magikarp use a Hyper Beam! WTF I heard that and how can a Magikarp do a Hyper Beam? Stupid Gary, err... Blue. And the he---. Magikarp return! Go Ditto! And then it evolved into a Magikarp?! Gary, err... Blue probably used Gameshark to do that.