Reviews for "Draw-A-Game"

waaaay better than that shitty cursor thing

I hope you don't mistake any bad reviews for alt accounts of mine again now ;)

i'm just REALLY scared you might REPORT ME!!!11 :0

yaymfo fun game but it needs music it's a novel idea

oh shit better get that daily award since you expect it and all


Great game! I have no advise. Oh... and I checked the scores, and right now, I am 5th place... but that will change soon.

holy snap

i love the idea! it was so great. i think i'd personally have great fun just making him go up a giant staircase not doing anything and making him fall from the top XD (that too, he should recieve damage from falling) again, fantastic concept; i think i'd like to see a sequel. [sorry if my spelling is awry] keep up the good work!