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Reviews for "Oxygen"


it scares me (yak) but it's message is perfectly sent exelent job and a goooooooooooooooood movie


That was amazing.. I would'nt call it happy, but its a nice flash, you really deserve that Frontpage


this was more art to me then an animation, same diffrence you could say, but i think it was profound in its meaning, if you were using symbolizim, great job, this would be perfect for the start of a movie or game, and the music tips it all off, it gives it an abstract, while still hauntingly realistic tone, great job

Just one thing...

I like it, but it didn't really explain how the guys in the masks were bad. o_0?

this is our end

this is the future, we will poison ourselves and our world.
we ,the youth, must fix our elder's mistakes.
the world will perish if we ignore it any longer.
we are at a tipping point, we act NOW OR WE DIE LATER!
there is no if there is only when.
if we don't act now we can only delay the inevitable but we will still fall as all great civilizations have.

my name is avery klingbeil
i am 13 and i wish to make a difference.