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Reviews for "Oxygen"

A Poetic Masterpiece

Wow, that was very creepy. The camera effects, the words "a plague born to kill.", and some of the blood slatter effects.

The graphics were great. The style was artsy, and I'm... artsy, as you may have suspected. the sound you chose was good, the accordian in the background game it the "shiver effect". The violence was fair, I know you weren't making this to be violent, but there was some violence. The theme was also very serious, so I wouldn't think I would give any points for humor, but I didn't mind.

So over, it was a great submission. I gave you a 4 out of 5.

Good luck!

notorious responds:

Thanks for the good and helpful review!


Just...amazing. The merging of sound, and flash, and video, and words. All of them were great. Five for violence because it was only implied, and a cookie for using the music from Tri-Arachnid.

notorious responds:

I love that game man and yes that is totally what inspired me to use that music as well. Thanks for the good review!