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Reviews for "Oxygen"


i like storys like these but im just speechlessb ecasue it a master

o m g

im definately speachless



the was a master movie

mate the movie is a master creation look i say some things that make people think i hate them but for once i have nothing but one little thing cut the low stuf and keep the high add a story and spend time on it for ages add some other things and perhaps make some more of it add some people in it get a teem and ask for help and your off to the best start to making it into a millon doller game thats how me and blizzard did it you got us on your side keep it up and you will have a thing that will shock the world i can't say more but i think you must!! keep this idea going you got me and about 1000 other's to start with that think you will and can do this all the best the group at blizzard


touching isnt it yes :)