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Reviews for "Oxygen"


My only gripe is the E rating (As the atmosphere of this flash is a little dark for people under Twelve), but that aside its a real meaningful work of art. Good job.


this was good but it adds to the point of the fact that my children may probably grow up in a world like this, being only 13 i never thought id say that but in all truth thats whats going to happen to some people alive now and some people that are going to be around when this happens, because its bound to, with all the nuclear bombs. its not right to en dlife in such abarberic manner like that.

all things connsidered its good tho lol.

xXL!amXx can you send a mail mack to give me your opinion, thnxs dude.


It was a moving short! i loved the music it really added to the dark element to the animation!


I hope Al Gore is watching. This must mean that if war and nuclear bombings don't stop,Life will cease to exist. One of the most heartfelt flash's I have ever seen. I am adding it to my favorites.

Nice...I guess.

Its great compared to the other dribble shit the people in the experimental collection try to ffed us about symbolism, this is more cool. Preloader's really fucked up though. I liked the skulls.