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Reviews for "Oxygen"


U know that could turn out to be the future This was cool make more

notorious responds:


this IS

the future


i thought it was cool. it reminds me a bit of 28 Days Later for some reason... I think the music is cool. overall, good job.

notorious responds:

THanks i see how you got reminded of 28 days later ;)


That was amazing...so serious and it changes the way I thought about you. It was kinda depressing and reminded me of one of my short stories. I loved it!!! ME <3 YOU LONG TIME!


Great animation itself (and I think you know), but just wanted to say that loved the music! definitely my style. ^^


I can see where you are coming from and people are like...
"This could be our Earth in such and such years if we keep doing what we are doing."

But with time, technology gets better, so in fact we could develop something to repair the ozone, or <u>something</u> that will make it so that all these environmentalist movies are pointless and you can stop worrying.

notorious responds:

owch, attempt at an underline fell flat.

But no, it's not really about the environment, it's about the war aspect of it. Of course toxins have a big role, but the real plot revolves around the war. And the ozone MAY deplete too fast for anyone to stop it, we don't really know now.