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Reviews for "Bad Cat [Master Version]"


nice job on this i like it a lot


diz song is my true love! ANIME FACE WITH A VERTICAL 3 FOR A MOUTH!

The Best Song Ever!!!

I love this song! The beat made me get up from my seat and start dancing. I think this deserves to become the all-time top scoring music, because I listened to LoZ: Shards of Light Title and it's definately not better than this song. I love the epic intro and the kick ass rhthym. Next time I have a school disco dance, I'll request this song, because it was obviously the best rock song anyone could ever hear in the universe! Congratulations on being the first audio portal I reviewed! I listened to it for half an hour until my computer time was up. Hope you got more awesome songs up your sleeve! I could go on forever on how amazing this song was, but my computer time is almost up. The only problem was that the ending was sorta confusing, like Attarous said, but it still has miraculously funky beats.

Skullbeatz responds:

Wow, now that's what I call a review! I really appreciate that you spent almost all your computer time to write a review for me!

Great Song

The intro is kind of epic, it just starts off small like a countdown to blow up into that epic chorus you've got, the periods in-between though feel kind of drawn-out and come close to breaking the overall continuity of the song, and the ending doesn't seem to suit the song, I felt like I was expecting a climax right at the end but it just changes abruptly. Although, this all just my personal opinion.

Still, its got a kick ass rhythm, nice work!


i love this beat bro, great job :)