Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"


I like it but im kinda used to the comic. granted this is nice and short like the comic itself i prefer the the detailed artwork of it not that this flash was bad. your artwork brought out the true grace of reiko whereas this kinda limited it. overall im still a fan.

p.s. what did i just write.

TaintedInk responds:

To each his own. Different artists have different styles, of course. For me it's interesting to see different artists' take on my characters. And to be honest my heavily-detailed style is somewhat difficult to animate.

I was going to say short and sweet...

But I don't think "sweet" is the right word. I loved it. Would love to see a Reiko flash go a little bit longer one day. I can't knock the 30 seconds I did see. Thanks!


that was amazing... the graphics the everything nice concept with the tournament thingy and panties O.o NICE

Reikochan strikes again!

yeah, Contemplating Reiko is pretty awesome. I actually got into the series from going to Illwillpress. It's awesome these two great sites teamed up. I'm just thinking what voice ya'll will use for Reiko or any of the sister or The father! (who's my favorite new character by the by) great job, hope to see more!


shes a perfectly normal demon child. good not your best stick to foamy the squirell