Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"


it was alright, no my favorate but... yea

Jon did a good job animating

nice sound

Captive Audience. Hey, I get it! that was so cool.

TaintedInk responds:

"Cool" being the operative word.

It had that "Neuroticly yours" touch!

Noticed that this had defenitly the touch from the creator of "Foamy". Anyhow this is nice,was well done,not far too long but neither far too short. It did its effect. What impression i got im not quite sure of but it was a nice impression none the less. Also i liked the fact that it didnt contain gore,it made it all look alot more.. "innocent". Hehehe. I do have a critism point tho. That i noticed there wasnt so much er,movement while skating,just the same model done and turned on for the diffrent going back and forth. That was the only find i could find a bit "lacking" but it was good anyhow.

Animated by a Flash Legend, not for Reiko though

I didnt think this one was As good as the other series, though it was nice try of Johnathan Ian Mathers, I didnt think this was that great. 6/10.

Good but disappointing

With such an awesome collaboration of talent it's surprising that it wasn't nearly as good as it could have been. The animation was great, but I agree with everyone so far, the people could have been screaming, or maybe she's skating on them instead of ice, something. It felt like something was missing.