Reviews for "NuMbAh OnE"

NuMbAh OnE!

This movie is rated too low.

My everyday fifen quest continues for this excellent entry.


VOTE MAX = 5!!!!1111

OrangeClock responds:

if we vote fifen on this every day, and vote fifen on mr fuckface every day, and vote fifen on hamburger clock every day, and vote fifen on Strawberry clock 3.1/2 every day, terrorism will end forever

Nice music!

This is pretty good!

Sorry, not voting 5. But.....

...I'll give this review a 5, since its better than Strawberry's movies. Also, did you even ask premission from Toma to use those Eskimo Bob sounds? And how did you get them in the first place?

I can vote what I want to vote!

Ever since I saw VOTE 5 OR DIE, I became zero tolerant and tolerant to voting zero on anything that says vote 5, no matter how good it is.

This is ki1o's favorite movie of all time!

Thanks for voting, ki1o! (you poor lonely bastard)
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... buy the way, good job Orange Clock!