Reviews for "NuMbAh OnE"

Another waste of time from the clock crew

Other than crow clock offering a unique style in his flash animations, the clock crew offers nothing new to Newgrounds. Why they continue to make top five is beyond me. This cartoon, was just an incredible waste of viewers time, and I believe its insulting to the viewers every time the clock crew release a cartoon just for the sake of releasing it.


I am SO lost...wtf....was...that...


I-Am-number one
No matter if you like it
Ready take this sit down and write it
I-Am-number one
Hey hey hey hey hey hey
Now let me ask you man...
What does it take to B number one?
Two is not a winner
And 3 nobody remembers
What does it take to B number one?
Hey hey hey hey

what does it take to be... FIFEN!!111

i thought i reviewed this already... anyway, FIFEN!!!!111

OrangeClock responds:


Good work, Agent Orange.

Very clever work. I'll never look at that song the same way again. I'd say this movie deserves a few fifens.