Reviews for "NuMbAh OnE"

heh, read the reviews

So, why do CC movies continue to make the top five? Simple, really.

The clocks are all voting five because they have been told to (don't believe me? Go to their own website and check the forums to see for yourself).

Woot for manipulating the scores. That's what I want to see more of, crappy flash being rated high because somebody's got a lot of friends with time on their hands.

The best part though is that even several of them realize how lame this is.

Oh, yeah, right, reviewing.

Meh. I'll go with CorpseGrinder and Pyro and say their opinions of the music are spot on. Graphics are okay, but of course they ought to be since they really only need to be drawn once, ever. Story, such as it is... maybe significant to CCers, but I don't really care about their internal politics.

Mmm. Maybe a 2/5, squeaking that out by the slight humor afforded by the expressions on the orange and raspberry (or boysenberry or whatever that is).

Let me save Orange some time which he can hopefully put to good use on his next flash:

>>> Movies by zeno_1982: -none-
>>> ... shaddap.

corpse is totally right.

but i 5'd because.. well, its orangeclock



Why should we vote 5?


1.) Strawberry clock demands it.
2.) Strawberry clock is the king of the portal.
3.) Everybody loves Strawberry Clock.
4.) B
5.) Fifen


And we should vote 5?