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Reviews for "Reiko Biker Girl (Hentai)"

smokin hot

your flashes are pretty damn awesome dude, best hentai on NG hands down
although i do wish you could submit full versions of your games, i do understand the restrictions of copywright (its a bitch aint it?) but i have a suggestion: why not make a Newgrounds special game? make a game but dont put it on Hentai Key, all your fans who go there can just as easily come here and watch it for free!
just a suggestion, Demo or not i cant wait for the next!


Nice art once again, the graphics are as always amazing.


if you don't like porn,just don't fucking WATCH IT,if your dick doesn't work then why are you blaming other people? :D

It's not the full thing, so only 9 stars.


Otherwise, though, great job.

*me* Drive off the bridge.... come on....
*game* fuck you, it's not in the demo, asshole.