Reviews for "Reiko Biker Girl (Hentai)"

it was...

cool and tell all those retards that complain about you not putting in the real hentai games and just the demos to read what you put on the author comments maybe they'll feel dumb after they read it, and tell the guy that gave you a zero on one of your other hentai games to rape little boys like micheal jackson does because these are cool hentai games you submit here and hes just jealous that he cant make and submit one of his own. :)


It was a good game with great graphics, but I don't see why assholes have to down rate it just because it's a demo.
Guys! It's Not like He/She can put them on this site!

It was good

It was a fun game but i wish it wasent a Demo.

Liked very much.

It should not of been a demo.


i wish she was real lol