Reviews for "New Female Force of Four3"


KICK-ASS job on NFFOF....completely awesome, but I have a few questions. Why does Rugal have Akuma's voice, how did May Lee and Chun-Li meet, Why are Ryu and Ken in the resturaumt in one scene and the next has Voilent Ken trying to kill Sakura because she has his headband, why is Voilent Ken trying to kill Ryu, and when are Voilent Ken and Chun-Li gonna meet? (If u ask me, I think Chun-Li should have recognized him in the last episode)

Trixiaoyu responds:

Too many questions... all will be revealed in time...

O and the Regular Ken an Violent Ken part... Um... that was just MY mistake... sorry but thanks for pointing that one out...

Chunli and V.Ken's story will be unfolded soon enough...

And his head was Turned around... therefore chunli didnt get 2 see who he was... Unfortunately....

And RUGAL isnt in my Movie?! what u on?! well, he didnt speak anyways...:-S

Dont u mean Freeman?!

And because Akuma had more voice clips i could use... :-P

Thanks for the review! :-)


awesome you finally put #3 up and hey dont forget those sprites i mentioned earlyer...---CoughRIKKUCough--
-..lol the funny part is i actually found rikku sprites on google...go figure but awesome!!! yes i love your flash continue!!


great flash, man. you always seem to do good with using Street Fighter and other fighting game sprites.

hope to see your name on front page

i wish i could learn how to do some of this stuff

Hell yeah

Violent Ken was bad ass!

That was pretty awesome!

I really like sprite movies, and this one really picked up once the fights started. The battles were really cool and well done, except may be the blood effects which you could've worked on. Otherwise it was a great flash that was fun to watch.