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Reviews for "Super Mario Bros. V.2"


That Was One Of The Best Mario Parodies Ever And I Mean Ever Made...................There Should Be A Mario Bros. V.3


Nice Job! I really did enjoy watching this flash!
As most of my reviews, negatives first:

I thought there were parts of the animation where I thought the music wasn't accurate and fitting for this type of flash, but it is a Mario Song, so I won't be too harsh. It can also tend to get repetive especially at the part where mario is surrounded by goombas. If I remeber correctly it went: punch, uppercut, spin, split, punch, uppercut, spin, split, punch, uppercut, spin and... wanna take a guess?

Now let's put that aside so we see were the other 8 points came in. I like it's beginning, it looks just like oldschool mario! Then the twist comes, and that's were everybody thought; I wan't this on my $&#@ing NES. I also liked the slowmo parts and it shows despite the fact that this is a game about an Italian plumber running around stomping on flying turtles and walking turds, but you managed to take that and bring it as far as it could go. Which I freaking love.

Not bad...

Good sprite flash. Could have been more violent and humorous though. Make another, only funnier and more violent. Got mario sounds from SSBM, did we?

easy easter egg =)

if u click on mario on the menu screen, he falls down and it plays the death 'song' (more like sound effect) from the old SMB games

Pienkaito responds:

Nice found! Wasn't really hard to find

this is no game