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Reviews for "Super Mario Bros. V.2"


Well it started off simple, like it was more like an intro to the flash than actually part of it, but once mario was upgraded this flash really did pick up momentum. I thought the best part was when the cursor shock down the roof i found it pretty funny. The upbeat music helped the fighting scenes out a lot and i loved the moves that you had mario pulling to kill the baddies, very creative. Overall your flash turned out well.


Like the Matrix!!

A perfect mix of animation concepts. Aside from both animations being pretty much the same, this is nonetheless an amazing animation! Maybe you can make a series out of it!

Pienkaito responds:

I didn't think about a series.
(Maybe from level 1-1 to 1-3?) xD

Not bad...

Good sprite flash. Could have been more violent and humorous though. Make another, only funnier and more violent. Got mario sounds from SSBM, did we?

That was The bomb

I love mario and i love this.. good job

Pretty Good

It wasn't bad! I found it amusing, but it got a little old after a while. Also, no one's going to ever be able to remake Animator Vs. Animation.