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Reviews for "Super Mario Bros. V.2"

This is your 30th review!

I like your flash movie!, It is tottaly awesome! :D


This was a great tribute to Mario and it was also very funny. You are a great animator and i think you will have a lot of sucsess in life as an animator for nintendo and or sega. 10/10 5/5


Nice Job! I really did enjoy watching this flash!
As most of my reviews, negatives first:

I thought there were parts of the animation where I thought the music wasn't accurate and fitting for this type of flash, but it is a Mario Song, so I won't be too harsh. It can also tend to get repetive especially at the part where mario is surrounded by goombas. If I remeber correctly it went: punch, uppercut, spin, split, punch, uppercut, spin, split, punch, uppercut, spin and... wanna take a guess?

Now let's put that aside so we see were the other 8 points came in. I like it's beginning, it looks just like oldschool mario! Then the twist comes, and that's were everybody thought; I wan't this on my $&#@ing NES. I also liked the slowmo parts and it shows despite the fact that this is a game about an Italian plumber running around stomping on flying turtles and walking turds, but you managed to take that and bring it as far as it could go. Which I freaking love.


Great! Exept it needs some blood.


movie is fine and i did find that easter egg anyway =D